For the first time in the history of the arts, in the history of culture, man found the means to connect a new system of value to a new medium of art. Digital currency + Digital Art. The possibilities of creating art for the screen have expanded beyond the confinements of tumblr feeds, and instagram ratios and onto the walls of galleries, museums, and homes. Media theorists have speculated for decades when new media artists, internet illustrators, and photographers working with digital art and technology will make their way into the mainstream fine art world. This past year alone there’s been more digital art collected and traded than the past 100 years of computer art, net art, CG art, and generative art. There’s been huge leaps in innovation within the digital art community. A digital camera is put into a child’s hand before they can ride a bike, photoshop is preinstalled on computers, traditional artists are sketching their sculptures in 3d CAD programs before even being created. The digital art revolution has been boiling whether we know it or not, but never before has it entered the limelight as it has with the rise of NFT Technology. 


Through this show “Sculpting Time, Illumination of Being” we reflect on the value art and culture has in our world and celebrate its ability to bring us together, make us feel safe or anxious, force us to think deep and to question. The concept, “Sculpting Time”, alludes to the craft and artistry behind many of the animators shown in the show. As a sculptor takes what they know from the world and through their hands directs tools to carve out their vision and message, so too do all of the artists showcasing today whether through photography, illustration, 3d animation, code, or film. Each piece needed inspiration, took time, and is woven into the fabric identity of each artist. 

Presented for Afterparty