Presenting: “Arti_fiċial Pėrspėctivės”, a pop up exhibition featuring an eclectic group of new media artists working at the confluence of AI Art, Film and Animation.

Hosted on May 16th at A.I. on the Lot and presented by @otoy; the combined forces at Projekt Blank, @aila_community and @synapse_vp are coming together to showcase the creative potential of AI and discuss the future of digital art. Come celebrate with an open bar and performances after dark.

The theme of the show “Arti_fiċial Pėrspėctivės” alludes to the process by which digital art is made and the consciousness of A.I. “When it comes to Ai; who’s the artist? is it the data? Is it Human? Or the collective consciousness of the internet?”

This perspective is what we find so troubling and fascinating; as artists we have a responsibility to explore, experiment, break, and challenge perspectives. So what happens when perspectives come from a machine trained on a human based digital consciousness?

Each of the artists in the show have varying exposure to AI in their workflow, inevitably creating work that’s an expansion of themselves.

The exhibition will showcase a combination of established and rising artists experimenting with AI and identity through film, digital sculpture, animation, photography, and performance.

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Featuring Artists:

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