We’re at Sundance 2024!

Presenting “Late Night Delivery Service” — a happening after the cinema & celebration of short films by our favorite emerging filmmakers and digital artists.

Featured Artists:
Christopher Rutledge @tokymegz (Co-Director Larry, Sundance 2024)
Smearballs @smearballs
Erik Ferguson @fergemanden
Jonathan Zawada @zawhatthe
Jack Wedge @jackasswedge
Harrison Fishman @harrisonfishman
Masha Ko @mashako.films (Director The Looming, Sundance 2024)
Nate Mohler @n.mohl._r
Mark Fingerhut @gentle_virus
Ninocense @ninocence
Bing Cao @caobingdongmani
Sophie Koko Gate @sophiekoko
Richard Phillip Smith @cetkhup
Fiona Kane @fiona__kane
Kima Hibbert @kimalajuwon

8pm: Screenings
9pm – 1am: Celebration

DJ sets by EX WIISH @beshkenxo , KIAN MCHUGH @haha_k_is and SPECIAL GUESTS.

Powered by KINO @kinomakesmovies

Curated by @projekt.______ + @29speedway
Hosted by @klctn + @ted.and.jane
Craft Cocktails & Menu by @templebarnyc
Flyer Design by @iso.muein

see you at the @pendryparkcity for @sundanceorg