August 10 - 12 2023Future Factory417 E 15th St Los Angeles

We cordially invite you to the opening of “Points for Clouds, Dreams Aroused” a design and media art group exhibition featuring a curation of pioneering artists working at the confluence of art and technology including: Film, Animation, Sculpture, Light, Generative Art, Projection, Paintings, Performance, and Time. Hosted at Future Factory the exhibition will feature three gallery rooms, a panel discussion and an afterparty in the new Future Factory venue featuring a lineup of surprise live performances.  Presented by the combined forces at Projekt______, AI LA and Future Factory this will be a historic night in the LA Art + Technology scene. Come celebrate Siggraph with a full bar and surprise performances late into the night. Sculptures will be on display and for sale in person and online via open edition NFTs Starting Aug. 10th.

Curatorial StatementIn “Points for Clouds, Dreams Aroused”, we appreciate the abilities of these artists, as masters of their craft, to invoke their own sense of self. Just as a sculptor takes a lump of clay and shapes it according to their own world view, discarding what is not needed, so too do these artists pull from their billion points of memory to inspire and create. We value the reflection their work brings of the world around us, the humor and questions they elicit inwardly, and their ability to bring us together in contemplation. The artists in this show use neural radiance field (NeRF)’s to recreate the world around them, digital sculpting tools to craft impossible structures, train machines on their own photographs and pull real time data to see otherwise invisible perspectives. Through digital paintings, photography, illustration, 3d animation, code, sculpture and film, we celebrate the creativity found when pushing new tools to the limit, breaking them, and finding obscure and crazy ways of arousing dreams. Ephemeral no more, these artists have sculpted an everlasting illuminated presence, cutting through the white noise of life around them. 

About the Panel:Researchers, creatives, and founders in Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) come together to talk about exciting opportunities resulting from NeRFs in the entertainment industry. Recent discussions around AI’s use in the entertainment industry has become the leading deal point in current strikes. But some subsects, led by NeRFs will enhance and empower filmmakers in ways not previously possible. This conversation will explore this topic and more. Panelists include Paul Trillo (Art Class Content), James Perlman (TurboNeRF), Fernando Rivas (Volinga AI), Wren Weichman (Corridor Digital).