We’re excited to present “Water Stains” a new live performance art piece by Masha Ko (@mashakok) & Kolten Horner (@ko.jo.ho) this upcoming Saturday, September 16th at Dream Machine hosted by @klctn produced by Projekt Blank @projekt.______ and @n.mohl._r. This will be the first time building this piece and we cordially invite you to experience it in person.

Artist Statement: Water Stains is a 2 hour human installation that urges the viewer to consider the importance of water for all life. Striking and physically challenging, the installation involves 2 artists walking in straight paths as the water is slowly released onto them from the hourglasses hung above. As the colored water falls on the artists, their white clothes begin to dissolve, revealing constricting chains underneath. At the end, the artists are left walking in ornate clothes that are created through falling streams of water. The artists make a statement that we are dependent on the environment rather than vice versa, as communicated by the artist bodies being tied to the water hourglasses. The hourglasses looming above represent the limits of human time. While each person has a finite amount of time on this planet, water is timeless as it moves over and through us – it‘s properties stay constant. Ultimately, this piece reimagines the existential relationship we have with water.